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learn in a minutePotential clients can be put off your products if you explain their complexities in the traditional way. When explanations are too complicated, customers can become cautious or discouraged. Huge manuals or extensive demonstrations just don’t grab the attention.

The customer deserves a better chance to get to know your great products! At Disruptive Concepts we believe it is paramount to deliver the message with clarity and consistency. Allow us to present your products through appealing stories. With animated cartoons we will illustrate your competitive edge and position your catalogue.

You can be confident that your audience will like our videos: enjoyable, brief and to the point. The clips deliver comprehensive information on the products and answer the questions. What`s more, they can be easily shared with others: on your official website, social network profile or mobile devices. 


They told:

The leadership role of finance and telecoms industries already constitutes 30% of all online ad spending. In line with all the forecasts, the growing share of video ads in total expenditures on online advertising is a noteworthy trend. From last year, full video ad spending increased over 4-fold and are already 3.8% of all money spent. "- said Piotr Kowalczyk, CEO of IAB Poland.

"It's something we've seen coming for a long time, but this is a tipping point," said eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey, in a statement. "Marketers are devoting bigger shares of their budgets to digital media as they see more customers shifting time toward the Web.""Online ads -- especially search ads -- are increasingly seen by many marketers as a more reliable bet than print ads, which are often difficult to tie to a measurable financial result."(…)The increase in display advertising will be driven partly by the dramatic rise predicted in online video advertising, set to grow by at least 34 percent every year through 2014. Banner ads will experience more moderate gains of between 7 percent and 16 percent annually, while rich media spending will stagnate.
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Some examples of our work:

PIXBLISH - Publishing Platform for Mobile Devices



IdoSell - Cloud based sales support system


AS3 Studio - Complete systems integration tool suite Agh_as3_studioPlayPlay_hover

iHola! contest - information for participants Hola_thumbnailPlayPlay_hover

Blisk - Augmented Reality application BliskPlayPlay_hover