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We see innovation as a means to achieve accountable business goals. That is why we offer the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over intellectually challenging interaction with our clients to enhance your capability to innovate.


We are pleased to work with ambitious organisations that want to build their competitive edge on innovation and research. And provide them with both strategic advice and operational power to plan, execute and communicate their actions. We harvest ideas, shape them into product concepts, and help to materialize them as to come up with market ready products – from conceptual work to execution and performance evaluation.

We actually do much more. You will learn.


We apply profound industry and functional knowledge we have acquired as project managers, management consultants and business facilitators in a multitude of research & development projects as well as educational and consulting endeavours for the public and private sectors and a number of NGOs, both domestically and in various international set-ups. We link academic backgrounds: methodological approach with accountable business achievements and we believe it is a broad perspective we have that makes our proposition unique.

We have started in media, software and telecommunications with strong relation to social sciences. With ubiquity of ICT technology our area of expertise is expanding towards bio-tech and health. We are open to new challenges – our methodologies ensure successful completion of what you decide to delegate to Disruptive Concepts.

We believe in team work and team potential, thus we build on experience and knowledge of our employees - carefully selected, thoughtful and highly collaborative performers.

All that has been acknowledged by our clients.


We are based in the heart of Europe, in the vibrant city of Warsaw and operate globally providing service to clients from Europe and beyond. We will be pleased to build your competitive edge over innovation. From mind to market. With our best thinking. So you can yield profits!